Unexpected beauty.

I get overwhelmed by the barrage of emails, texts, facebook messages, twitter links and phone calls that are part of our modern world. I admit it. I know it makes me tense, but I usually keep myself plugged in to this craziness of instant information so I don’t miss out on that valuable nugget of news that just can’t wait. But not yesterday afternoon. In the time it took me to ride my bike home from work, I had received 23 new emails, 3 texts and a voicemail! What is this craziness?! Enough is enough. I made a decision to take the dog for a walk in the glorious sunshine and leave the phone behind on the counter. I’m glad I did. I was rewarded with my dog’s boundless energy, the warm fresh air, the sound of the leaves rustling in the breeze and this little guy! He was lying all alone in the grass near the park, as if he’d been knocked out of a bouquet, looking vibrant and perfect. He needed a new home, so I brought him in and gave it a place on the windowsill. Isn’t he a beauty? And to think I could have missed out on this unexpected beauty in my path. Sometimes, whatever or whoever it is can wait.