Peaches for you, peaches for me.

Jo’s style of cooking is all about improvising and making your meals work based on what you have on hand. On a recent trip to Michigan we stopped at one of those side of the road farmer market stands and bought some gorgeous produce, including half a peck of peaches. Eek! How did I think we’d eat them all before they went bad?! We’d eaten all but 5 and they were a little worse for the wear. Then I remembered that Jo has a simple recipe for roasting pears and thought, “Why couldn’t peaches work too?” So I preheated the oven, washed them gently, cut out the bad spots and the pits, left them in halves, drizzled them with a little honey and roasted them in the oven for 30 minutes. Talk about a treat! They were stunning while warm and made an even better addition to breakfast the next day chilled. I poured myself some high fiber cereal, put two halves of the roasted peaches on top, dolloped with plain yogurt, walnuts and some ground flax seeds. Yum!