I dip, you dip, we dip.

If you haven’t bought Jo’s recipe cards, GO BUY SOME NOW! This week, my grocery list was full of the ingredients to make several of her recipes from the cards, including her squash dunk. I’m most obsessed with it. She made it for the photoshoot using squash. I knew that I could use sweet potatoes instead and since I’m head over heels for sweet potatoes and I’m too lazy to roast a squash, I added them to the list. Fast forward to yesterday. I had just arrived home from work and was absolutely starving. I tossed some sweet potatoes in the microwave and whipped up the dunk for my late afternoon snack. I used almond butter instead of sunflower butter and I used lemon for the citrus element. You guys, you need to make this. I want to eat it every day. It goes well with veggies for a guilt-free, satisfying treat. Yumm-o!