Hydration “How to”

Drink in your goals and dreams.

Every time I speak to a group, I present them with a challenge to think about their hydration level. If the only change a person makes is to increase how much water he or she drinks, it’s a step in the right direction!

Did you know that the proper hydration level is:
Half your body weight in ounces = amount of water needed each day

Dehydration symptoms:
• headache
• crave sweet or salty snacks
• fuzzy memory
• hunger
• lethargy
• foot cramps
and more…

Here’s a positive way to change your mindset AND your hydration habits!
Write messages or words on your favorite mug or drinking vessel, affirmations, goals, thoughts you want to ponder but be sure they are all positive—now drink in these messages each time you take a sip.
Feel the positive impact as you hydrate. The power of words and thoughts are immeasurable.