A safe place.

Last week I sat in on the last class of Jo’s “Healthy Lifestyles Series 1”. I observed many things while there, and of course snapped a few photos too!

I witnessed dialog. It’s amazing how inspired you can become by surrounding yourself with people genuinely interested in food who come from all different backgrounds. Every one of those women had at least a few tips and tricks that they willingly shared with the group to make our cooking experience more efficient, or tasty, or even just more educated.

I witnessed passion. For food, for family, for health, for experience—all that life has to offer. Our differences allowed us to see the world through the eyes of a stranger/friend.

I witnessed comfort. Not just in the skillet, but in the sense of community. Jo and her kitchen invoke a type of sanctuary where you can feel confident, where you can share yourself when you would usually be guarded. There is something about being gathered around the stove with a group of like-minded people that can allow you to open up about yourself and your life experiences. It’s a place with no judgement that allows you to empower yourself in more ways than one.

I witnessed newness. New recipes! New ingredients! New skills! Hooray for new things!

I can’t wait to get back into her kitchen and mix it up!

Have you taken a class with Jo? What did you think? How have her recipes changed the way you cook?