One of the reasons why I teach.

This is an email I received from one of my clients:

“I made some apricot nut muffins this morning with a recipe I found from a Moosewood Cookbook. It called for 1 c. Oat Bran but I didn’t have enough. I thought…what has Jo taught me? So I ground up some oatmeal and used that. The batter came out really dry and I thought again…what would Jo suggest? So I added a little more milk to moisten it. I never would have attempted either of these substitutions in the past but I am feeling more confident with your guidance. The muffins are very yummy! Thank you!!

Feeling confident in the kitchen is the greatest gift you can give yourself and that’s one of the major things I try to encourage in my students. Use your instincts, trust your tastebuds, and experiment! Oh, and don’t forget to have fun!